What Is The Like Team?

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What is The Like Team? – In short, The Like Team is a marketplace for online marketing services. Our users utilize our wide range of services to grow their online presence. Whether you are looking to promote your YouTube channel, grow your Instagram following or optimize your websites position in the search engines “TheLikeTeam” will have a service to suit your needs!

Example of how to use “TheLikeTeam for YouTube”:
You may have a new YouTube channel, a small number of subscribers and low view count. Your channel may struggle to gain traction as YouTube’s algorithm only promotes popular content. Remember, if a channel is not monetised, it is not in YouTube’s interest to promote their videos.)

We provide multiple services to assist you with growing your YouTube channel. By using our watch time and subscriber services, you will be able to meet YouTube’s 4000 hour and 1000 subscriber threshold to monetise your channel within 1-2 weeks. Our real YouTube views, likes and shares are a great way to give your videos the initial boost that they need to get picked up by the YouTube algorithm. 

What Is The Like Team
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Our History

The Like Team was formed by a group of online marketing veterans. Over the years we have provided our services to tens of thousands of users, including celebrities, record labels and other corporations.

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Our Goal

Our aim is to provide the highest quality social media marketing services online. This has been achieved by pooling together our services, knowledge and resources into one web based application.

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