How To Use The Like Team

Read the instructions below before placing your first order.

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How To Use The Like Team


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Here is an example of how to use The Like Team to promote a YouTube video.

Firstly, you will need to create a free account. Unlike other marketing sites, you do not need to link or enter any of your social media profile’s credentials.

Now you are signed in you will need to top up your balance. This works exactly like a pay as you go mobile phone tarrif. There is no recurring subscription and you will have the choice to top up your account if and when you choose. The minimum deposit is $10.

To place to your first order navigate to the New Order page and select a service. Prices are displayed per 1000 units. For example, if you were to select our Real YouTube Views service, you would pay $4 for 1000 views or $8 for 2000 views etc. If you were to order 1000 views, $4 would be deducted from your $10 balance, leaving you $6 to spend as you like. In the case of ordering YouTube views, you will need to privde the link of the YouTube video that you would like to promote. Please read the full instructions on the New Order page before ordering to ensure that you are entering the correct link and understand any other instructions.

After placing your order, you will be able to view it in your order history. This will show the status of your order, and your start count. The start count shows how many views, likes or followers you had when you placed the order. If your YouTube video had 1059 views when you placed the order, this will be set as the start count. The order will be marked as completed only when you have at least 2059+ views.

Your remaining balance will never expire and can be used with any of our services. If your balance runs out, you can make another deposit any time you want to use our services.

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