So you have heard about "TheLikeTeam" and would like to know more about us?

The Basics

TheLikeTeam is the leading platform for social media marketing services. We offer a wide range of promotions for all the leading social media networking sites.

  • Firstly, you will need to create an account. Unlike other marketing sites, you do not need to link or enter any of your social media profile’s credentials.
  • You do not need to subscribe or pay any monthly fees. Simply add funds to your balance and use our site as much as you like! 
  • It is easy to start a promotion. Simply select a service and enter your link and the amount that you want to purchase! You can create promotions in seconds whenever you like.

Our services are 100% anonymous and confidential.

  • You are not required to link any of your social media profiles to our platform.
  • When you create an account with us, you can use fresh credentials that you have never used with any other website.
  • Any links clicked in your order history are sent to an anonymiser to hide which website you are coming from.
  • We accept card payments via Stripe’s servers (the leading payment gateway).

It is a common misconception that platforms such as YouTube punish users for getting more views or subscribers in a short period of time. If this was the case, people would simply order views or subscribers to their competition’s YouTube’s channels to get them in trouble. As we do not ask you to link your profiles to our site, there is no way for social media networking websites to know that you are using our services. 

Our site operates using a balance based system, similar to a pay as you go mobile phone tarrif. The minimum deposit is $10. There is no recurring subscription and you will have the choice to top up your account if and when you choose. Your remaining balance will never expire and can be used with any of our services. If your balance runs out, you can make another deposit any time you want to use our services.


Each type of service will require a different type of link. An example of the correct link to use will be shown when you switch between services. It is important that you use the correct link or your order may fail or be cancelled.

Example: When ordering “Instagram Likes” you are required to enter a post link. However, when ordering “Instagram Followers” you will need to enter a profile link.

  1. Pending – Your order is pending and will start shortly. 
  2. In progress / Processing – Your order has been accepted and is on the way to being completed.
  3. Completed – The work on your post / page is now complete.
  4. Cancelled / Refunded – Your order is no longer running. Your funds have been automatically returned to your available balance.
  5. Partial – Your order was partially delivered, and you have been automatically refunded for what was remaining. This can happen if the service you ordered is temporarily unavailable or there was an error delivering your order. 

The main reason for orders failing is due to using an incorrect link. Please check the example link format on the new order page or contact support if you require assistance. 

The second most common reason is if the page or posts statistics are set to private. For example, if your “like count” is private, we may be unable to deliver the order and it will be automatically cancelled.

Other reasons for cancelation include:

    • Your content violates the social media platforms terms / conditions.
    • You already have an order for the same link / service in progress.
    • Your follower, like or view count has dropped below your orders start counter.
    • The service is temporarily overloaded / under maintenance. In this case, please try and resubmit the order at a later date.

We only provide discounts to frequent users who have spent at least $1000 (mainly resellers). 

Please contact our dedicated support team via ticket. Remember to provide your order ID(s), which you can find in your order history section.

Thank you for reading!

Feel free to contact our support team with any further questions.

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